Hello loves, welcome to my page! Here’s a little bit about me!

My name is Haley Alexandra McCoy. I am 19 years young.

I’m a singer, a loud laugher, a wild dreamer, a songwriter, a child of God, and someone who loves with all of her heart. If I could have breakfast for every meal I could, and one day I hope to own a small pug and travel the world with my music.

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I am engaged to the most incredible man of God, Andrew Edwin Aguilar. He brings out my most obnoxious laugh and encourages my wildest dreams. I love living life with him.


I am the middle child in a family of three girls. There are never quiet moments in our home, and when there is it usually means someone (my older or younger sister) is up to trouble. We have 4 small dogs which add to the chaos. But I love the crazy and I love the laughter in this family.


I made this blog with hopes of bringing a little bit of positivity or inspiration into your day, so thank you for taking part in it and joining me on my journey.